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Price List


Registration                                    $40 (one off fee)

Membership                                   $30 (annual fee)

Change of Ownership                   $10

Change of Name                           $100

Prefix or Suffix Registration          $20

Lease Notification                          FREE

Replacement Registration certificate  $10

 For Registration questions contact Cherie Jackson

For Membership contact Julie Pascoe

Owner Membership is an annual fee for the horses owner or leasee. 
Horse Registration is a one off and not required annually

Only online forms accepted.
If the completed form, photos & payment is not received within 10 working days the

form will need to be resubmitted & an admin fee of $10 will be deducted.


It is NOT the Societies responsibility to be chasing paperwork or payments



*  Photos must be taken within the last 6 months


*  Clear when enlarged J-Peg photos only accepted, no more than 1MB per photo

*  Photos must show ALL of the horse including all hooves, eyes, ears, nose and tail


*  Only colour/pattern visible on a dry horse from a minimum of 2 metres are accepted


*  Horse must be reasonably clean and mud free


*  Horse must be standing not moving


*  NO ribbons, number holders, tail bags, covers or any other saddlery permitted

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