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Any queries about this competition please contact

Vanessa Wilkins email -


PRIZES - 1st to 3rd receives a Sash




  • Horses must be registered and owned by a current financial member of the Society.  They are to be competed in the name of the registered owner or leasee and entered under their registered name

  • ​​Your horses results will be counted from the date your membership payment is received. Results can be counted between 1st August 2019 and 31st July 2020 (After membership payment received)

  • ​The Points scoring sheets must be received no later than the first Friday in August 2020, any sheets received after this date will NOT be accepted.  Only emailed scoring sheets are accepted

  • ​Only your top 5 competitions in each category are to be recorded on the sheets provided

  • ​If the horse is sold the points earned will remain with the horse – New points can only be accumulated from when new owner becomes a member

  • Points are on the number of horses listed in the catalogue or programme 




The Showing competition is split between Pinto showing and Non Pinto showing (Open showing)


Restricted shows do NOT count e.g. Novice shows, Adult Riding Club shows with age restrictions, shows that don’t allow A&P champions to compete etc.


Novice classes, Best Tail, Best Head & Multi coloured do not count towards points.  You can only count Youth or Adult classes per show not both


Pinto Showing - Inhand and Ridden  


Pinto classes at RAS affiliated shows, Premier Show, NI or SI Pinto shows and Best Registered Pinto classes 


Open Showing - Inhand and Ridden  


Showing that’s not in the Pinto section e.g. RAS affiliated open classes e.g. Saddle Hunter, Park Hack etc. at RAS affiliated shows, HOY, Premier Show, includes Flat classes in Pleasure, Pony Club, Stock & Station, Western and Harness




Eligible Classes – ridden classes run by any entity proved they are for OPEN competition. I.e. A&P Show, ESNZ, Open Pony Club or other event etc


Points scoring for Performance only                     1st       2nd       3rd        4th        5th        6th 



Training (95cm) & above                                        30        25       20        15        10        5                  

Pre-training (80cm) & below                                   15         13        10         7          5        3                           



Registered ESNZ event                                          30        25        20        15        10        5         

Unregistered (PC, ESNZ etc)                                   15        13         10          7         5         3


Show Jumping  

Registered ESNZ event                                          30        25        20        15        10        5   

Unregistered (ESNZ, PC etc)                                  15         13          10         7         5         3


Round the Ring/Working Hunter/Show Hunter

A&P Shows or Registered ESNZ event                 30       25        20        15        10        5                     

Shows (non RAS) or Intro or unreg (ESNZ, PC)     15        13         10         7          5          3


Combined Training                                                  15        13        10         7          5          3


Endurance/Trail                                                        15        13        10         7          5          3


Any Other Equestrian Activity (validity and points to be decided by the Committee)

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