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Application for registration will only be accepted from financial members of the NZ Pinto Horse Society.  Application must be made on the online form supplied by the Society.  If all requirements are not met i.e. correct photos etc. an administration fee will be deducted.  You must be the legal owner or leasee of the horse to apply for registration.   If the horse is leased a Lease Notification form must be completed

If the information provided is deemed to be falsified the horses registration will be suspended until the committee investigates and either reinstates the registration or revokes it depending on the outcome. No refunds for registration or membership will be given.



These are issued via email by the Society for a specific horse upon receipt of payment, photos and application form.  Registration Number will be shown on certificates – PT…. 


Pinto’s or Pintaloosa’s with either known or unknown parentage which meet the colour and Pattern requirements. 


Horses must have definitive white markings on the body, not including face or below the elbow and stifle on the legs as per diagram below. 













Horses may be white and any other colour (except Grey) such as Bay, Black, Brown, Chestnut etc. 

Grey horses are NOT eligible for registration.  If the horse applying for registration has a grey parent or looks to be greying out, a DNA test is required to show the horse does not carry the grey gene.


Only colour visible on a dry horse from a minimum of 2 metres away shall be considered. 


Sabino horses are NOT eligible for registration if in doubt colour coat testing (pattern) will be required to be provided.


Pintaloosa’s must have the minimum patch requirements + spots to be eligible for registration as a Pintaloosa.  Colour coat testing (pattern) will be required to be provided.

The lesser of the two colours should meet one of the following:

Miniature current or estimated mature height 96.52cm (38 inches) & under
Patches to total no less than A6


Pony current or estimated mature height to be over 96.52cm & under 148cm
Patches to total no less than A5


Hack current or estimated mature height to be over 148cm
Patches to total no less than A4

Pattern Categories

A horse can only be registered in one category Tobiano, Tovero, Overo or Pintaloosa. 


Sabino marked horses are NOT eligible for registration if in doubt colour coat testing (pattern) will be required to be provided.


Categories are

Pinto - Tobiano, Tovero, Overo

Pintaloosa - showing Appaloosa or Palouse markings i.e. patches and spots. 



Any horse photographed with artificial markings will be rejected for registration and the owner may be barred from the Society.  When a protest is filed questioning the eligibility on the grounds of having artificial coat markings and this protest is deemed valid by a committee member, the Society has the right to suspend registration until such time as to determine whether or not the horse has been artificially coloured



It is the duty of each owner to keep proper records of stud breeding activities, including particulars and dates of service and foaling.   



The Society accepts fresh, chilled or frozen semen as acceptable forms of AI.  AI must be certified by the inseminator at the time of AI.  A signed Insemination Certificate from Veterinarian or AI Technician, or a Service Certificate from the stallion owner (if inseminating) are acceptable.



Horses registered with the Society may be branded or/and micro chipped.   


When an animal has died please advise the Societies Registrar



Every financial owner shall record a name when registering a horse.  Once a horse is registered, the name cannot be changed either by the breeder or new owner except by applying to the Society for approval and at the current fee. 


Stud Prefixes cannot be changed, without permission from the Stud. 


The maximum length of a registered horse’s name must not exceed 35 letters including the prefix or suffix and spaces. 


Members may register a Stud Prefix or Suffix by completing the Application for Stud Prefix/Suffix at the current fee. 


The Society can refuse to accept names which are likely to be confused with other horse’s names.  A Prefix or Suffix will be required in some cases only to prevent duplication of names



When ownership of a registered animal is transferred, the vendor at the time of the transfer shall give the buyer the Registration Certificate and Transfer duly signed by him/her.  Where the vendor sells a mare in foal he/she must provide the buyer with a Service Certificate.  On a Change of Ownership Form of any horses registered in joint ownership, all signatures of joint owners must appear



A Replacement Certificate is a new Registration Certificate issued when the original has been lost, destroyed or defaced.  A Corrected Certificate is a new Registration Certificate issued when there is a change in colour, markings, breeding details, foaling date and addition of brands or microchip



The age of the horse shall be computed on the basis of a calendar year starting on 1st  August of the year foaled.  It is a weanling during the calendar year in which foaled and yearling in the first calendar year following its foaling date, regardless of the date and year foaled i.e. horse foaled 27 Nov 2007 or 13 April 2008 automatically become yearlings at 1 August 2008


The only exception to this rule is e.g. the foal of a mare covered on or after 1st September 2008 will be deemed to commence its first year of life on 1st August 2009 regardless of its date of birth, provided that date of birth is consistent with such covering and a signed Insemination Certificate from Veterinarian or AI Technician, or a Service Certificate from the stallion owner is provided

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