The Pinto section is on Wednesday 10th March 2021 at the Polo grounds.  The Shows Tab on this website has information on what shows are accepted for Qualification and Attendance.

The owner of the horse must be a current financial member and the horse must be registered to compete at all A&P shows and RAS affiliated shows.

SHOW ATTENDANCE ALL horses (excluding foals) and including the 2020 Pinto title winners entering the Pinto classes MUST have competed at a minimum of (2) RAS qualifying shows in a Pinto section between 1st March 2020 & 1st March 2021 1. Show


QUALIFICATION Horses MUST be registered & the owner a current financial member of the NZ Pinto Horse Society Inc. at date of win, otherwise win does not count.

All horses entering the Title classes (excluding foals) must have won (1) Champion or (1) Reserve Champion or (1) win in a conformation class or (1) win in a Best Registered class at a Qualification show in a Pinto section between 1st March 2020 & 1st March 2021 (excluding HOY 2020) i.e. you must have won the required wins in the Inhand Pinto to enter the Inhand Title class and the required wins in an OPEN (not Novice) Ridden Pinto to enter the Ridden Title class.

All other classes do NOT require qualification

The current HOY 2020 Pinto title winners do not require qualification for the title class they won i.e. the Inhand Show Horse title winner does not need to qualify for the Inhand Show Horse title class but would need to qualify for the Ridden Show Horse class if entering.

Please note: if a 3 year old won the Youngstock title class they would need to qualify for the Adult title class

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