At the bottom of the page is a list of shows in your area that have Pinto sections/classes

and which are Horse of the Year Qualifying Shows

The horses owner/leasee must be a current financial member (check on the members list if you are unsure)


And the horse must be registered (check on the registered horses list if you are unsure) to compete at all A&P shows and RAS affiliated shows in the Pinto section

Horse of the Year qualification and attendance information is under Horse of the Year on the menu

Novice Ridden

All conformation wins for Novice Ridden Pinto's from 1st August 2022 are to be recorded on your horses RAS height certificate. 

All Pinto Novice, Best Registered Ridden Pinto and Open Ridden Pinto wins count at RAS affiliated Shows and North and South Island Pinto Shows.

If you already have a RAS certificate you are required to add a green Pinto (Breed) wins sticker to your current certificate. 

All prior wins (prior to 01/08/22) must be recorded on the certificate by the horse owner and future wins will be recorded by the show steward on the day.

You are not eligible for Novice classes after your 6th win.

This does not apply to horses that are already Open.

If you require a sticker please send a self addressed envelope to

K Gosney

318 Prestons Road


Christchurch 8051

We will send instructions with the sticker on where to place on the certificate.

Measuring stands should also have the stickers available.

Definitions of Heavyweight, Middleweight and Lightweight

Saddle Hunter will be replaced with Heavyweight e.g. any heavy type horse, hunter, cob etc

Middleweight is for horses that are inbetween heavyweight and lightweight, Riding Horse types


Show Horse has been replaced with Lightweight. Most shows will have Lightweight and Middleweight combined

Youngstock is judged on age not type


TRIMMING of whiskers, eyes and ear hair

RAS have implemented the rule NO trimming of horses whiskers, eyes and inner ear hair. The Pinto Horse Society is fully supporting this.


Please refer as a guide


The South Island Pinto show is being held on the 6th November 2022

at Rangiora showgrounds in North Canterbury. 

This is a great way to meet lots of Pinto owners it also has lots of great prizes.

SHOWS with Pinto sections/classes

Click below for a list of shows in your region that have Pinto Classes .